SBJ STARS 2019 BOYS - Special Beauty Japan
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さく Saku


好奇心旺盛。ひきよせ コミュ力半端ない咲。BGMもひきよせからの自作。スキースケボーけん玉大好き。夢は コードブルーあいざわ先生になること〜 カッコイイ咲っステージへ〜

Full of curiosity! Able to communicate with the greatest of ease! The BGM follows me! I love skiing, skateboarding, and kendama. My dream is to become Code Blue’s Mr. Aizawa.

ちから Chikara



I love Yokai Watch and Pokemon! When I get older I want to make games!

まいら Maira



My hobby is tag-rugby. I am a member of my local team in Yokohama. I am confident in my running. In the future, I hope to work as a chef at my father’s hotel.

ゆうしん Yushin



I am Yushin, I amin the fourth grade, my name means ‘friendly heart.’ I love singing, dancing, and YOU! I want to enjoy today with everyone.

ゆうたろう Yutaro



My charm point is my girlish long hair. But I am very boyish, so there is a fun gap! On weekends I do my best dancing. My dream is to become a breakdancer.

ようすけ Yosuke



I am a kabuki actor! I love to act and perform in front of people. My dream is to play the drum and be on the same stage as Kowappa!

よりと Yorito



I love trains. Especially Nagoya’s Tsurumai Subway line. I am good at the announcing of Western River Railroad at Disneyland!


けんしん Kenshin


学校ではサッカー部に入って毎日 練習がんっています。将来の夢は、車の免許を取って自分で運転することです。今日はみなさんを笑顔にしたいです!!

At school, I am in the soccer club and practice very hard every day. My dream is to get my driver’s license and drive by myself. I want to make everyone smile today.

こうき Koki



Anyways, I have a cute smile! Everyone loves me! I like to swim, dance, climb mountains, and exercise. I want to use my charming personality and be a fashion model.

こうせい Kosei



Everyone calls me Ko-Chan. I love Lupin and Konan. I became a high school student this year. I will do my best to be a cool guy!

こうたろう Koutaro



I am not good at standing in front of everyone, but I am confident in my 17 year old smile. I like basketball, singing, and trains. In the future, I want to become a train conductor and take my older sister for a ride.

こはく Kohaku



My name is Kohaku. I am in 10th grade. I am good at swimming. I practice five times a week aiming for the Paralympics. I love karaoke. When I turn 20, I want to have a KANPAI with Hi-Ball.

みずき Mizuki



I am a very handsome 16 year old. I want to be like Mr. Sakurai from Arashi and Mr. Hirano from Ginpuri and enter Johnny’s agency. I want to become an idol who can act and be an MC.

れお Leo



I live with my mother, father, and 2 cats. I love to visit Tsukuba Expo Center science museum to see the planetarium shows. I even got to appear as a voice actor in a program about shooting stars, for the part of the alien.


かいと Kaito



I am the long haired swimmer with Downs Syndrome, Kaito. Last year at the World Downs Syndrome Swim Meet I set three Asian records. My dream is to get a gold medal at the World Competition and become an actor.



I choose my hairstyle and clothes myself! I like to express myself though music and fashion. I might be a little different than others, but more than anything I am being my true self.

くによし Kuniyoshi



My name is Kuniyoshi. I entered this contest while I was a student, but now I am an adult. I have many hobbies, but now I am doing my best to diet. In the future, I hope to help people and to have a family.

たくと Takuto



I am a pianist. I am good at making my own arrangements. I have won many awards. During the week, I work in data entry and I am very fast! I hope to walk cool today!

まもる Mamoru



My name is Mamoru, I am 21 years old. I am a senior at College Waseda. I am working hard to get a job I like. When I get paid I want to by an AKB CD and go to a concert.

よう Yo



I love the color red. Red gives you power. I hope to get to the top of the swimming world!

りょうた Ryota



My name is Ryota, I am 22 years old. I like hip-hop dance and go to lessons three times a week. My dream is to become a dancer.