SBJ STARS 2019 GIRLS - Special Beauty Japan
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かお Kao



I like dressing up and cosmetics, I am in second grade. I am good at English. I love to play with my cute stuffed animals. My favorite food is Wakame rice. I have a pet rabbit!

Mirai みらい



I love to jump on the trampoline. It is the best being able to jump high! I am doing my best practicing the piano. My favorite clothes are cute and lacy.

ゆうな Yuna



My name is Yuna. I am a sixth grader that likes to dance and swim. I am good at Korean drumming which I have been learning since I was in first grade. In the future I want to be a Chinese food chef like my father.

ゆじゅ Yuju



My name is Yuju. I love to dress up! I love food! I am a little shy, but I want to enjoy today!

ゆり Yuri


ゆりです!中学1年生です。 将来の夢はアイドルになる事です。今日は沢山オシャレをして頑張ります!

My name is Yuri. I am in seventh grade. My dream is to become an idol. I will dress up and do my best today!

らき Raki



I am from Awaji Island. I collected shiny things from the ocean and the stars and bring it to you with a smile! Nice to meet you!

りさ Risa



I am five year old Risa! I like to play outside, and in the summer I get very tan. I am looking forward to this summer!


あかね Akane



I am a seventh grader who loves ice cream. In the future I want to be a model and work at a donut shop! I want everyone to see my special smile.

あやね Ayane



I like drawing, singing, and dancing. My friend was a competitor before and I have since wanted to participate. I want to shine on stage.

さくら Sakura



My name is Sakura. I love to dance. I can dance to any song. I especially like dancing to Johnny’s music. My future dream is to become an idol.

ひめか Himeka



My name is Himeka. I am 14 years old, and I love hip-hop dance. In the future, I want to work at a sushi restaurant and be a model. I am good at Japanese dance. Nice to meet you.

めい Mei



My name is Mei, I am 17 years old. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is sushi. Now I am doing my best in hula, and in March I danced in Hawaii. Someday I want to be in Yoshimoto Kogyo’s Comedy Theater.

めぐ Meg



I am a 14 year old that loves dance, piano, and school. I am so happy and nervous to be on stage today. My dream is to become a beautiful model.



My dream is to be a doctor. I want to heal the sick. I am good at swimming and dancing. I am a high school student that loves SHOJI JIDAI.


まこ Mako



My name is Mako. I work making beds in the hospital. I love swimming and dancing. Last year, I went to the World Downs Syndrome swim meet in Canada.

まこと Makoto



I am good at pilates. I love to dance and move my body. In the future, I want to become a professional dancer.

まな Mana



I will do my best to do better than last year. Please look at how I have changed. My dream is to become a professional model. I love to dress up!

みほ Miho



I am good at dancing. My dream is to be a dance teacher. My favorite foods are sandwiches and salads. I want to smile and walk well on stage today.

みなみ Minami



I am 23 year old Minami. I love Konan the detective. My dream is to become a voice actress. My other dream is to get married and become a mother. I will do my best to accomplish my dreams!

みゆう Miyu



I entered this contest in honor of turning 20. I do dance and karate. I want to be a cute and cool model.

ゆり Yuri



My name is Yuri. My job is selling tofu. I do my best every day. I want everyone to see a new me today.