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About SBJ

Special Beauty Japan is the first beauty pageant of its kind in Japan, celebrating special needs youth with their unique and beautiful talents. Each year participants team up with aspiring make-up artists from Yamano Beauty College for a memorable two-day event, ending with a spectacular and moving show. Complete with a runway fashion show, a talent competition, and interviews, SBJ gives special needs youth in Japan a place to shine.

Partnership / Sponsorship

Sponsor companies engage in various forms of collaboration with SBJ on events and campaigns. They also contribute to society by utilizing the special needs community of several hundred people, and strive to create a society where people with disabilities can live more authentically and beautifully.


Jason Hancock

We believe that everyone has the right to shine. That’s the simple idea that inspired us to launch Special Beauty. While I don’t have any family members with Down syndrome or autism, everyone I’ve met through SBJ feels like a sibling to me.

For Communication
Mayumi Mitogawa

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. It is important to recognize and appreciate each other’s unique abilities and challenges. The first step towards this is to remove the barriers in our own hearts.

Special Beauty Japan aims to be a place where people can break down these barriers, respect each other, and shine brightly in their own way. Here, everyone can use their individual talents to connect with society and share the joy of being themselves.

Judge Leader
Noriko Saito

A place where people with and without disabilities can come together, support each other’s challenges, and connect in a borderless environment. Here, people can experience human compassion, kindness, care, and encouragement, fostering a natural sense of belonging and community. This environment provides opportunities for everyone to grow and gain confidence, while also serving as a welcoming home to which they can always return.