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2023 Utah Volunteer application

Before You Apply

For this event we will need approximately 100 volunteers. Whether it be helping backstage, in the dressing rooms, at the reception desk, with the lunch crew, or even on our technical staff, we need YOU!

To register as a volunteer please fill out the below form. We do ask each volunteer for a $20 donation. With this donation you will receive a Special Beauty volunteer T-shirt, lunch, a gift bag, and if you are not backstage helping out you will be able to watch the show from the audience.

Here’s the process:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Wait for confirmation from the Special Beauty team (this might take a week or so)
  3. Once confirmation is received we will send you our Venmo info for you to make your donation
  4. Wait for your official confirmation and volunteer information letter
  5. See you on March 2nd